A Guide to Melbourne’s Vibrant Coffee Scene

In recent years, demand for coffee has risen drastically. According to a time.com report, 141.6 million bags of coffee beans are consumed worldwide, with coffee intake bound to rise even more in the coming years.

With so many coffee-lovers out there, it’s no surprise that many coffee shops in Melbourne – the city known for its wonderful coffee – are always full of people. If you’re visiting Melbourne, make sure to get your caffeine fix from these must-try coffee shops:

Patrica Coffee Brewers: 493-495, Little Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne

If you’re strolling along Little Bourke Street, grabbing a cup of coffee from Patricia Coffee Brewers is a must.

Voted as the best coffee in Australia in 2016, Patricia Coffee Brewers boasts a good variety of Cappuccinos, Espressos, and Filter Coffee. Fair warning, though: expect a long queue when you get here. They also have a good offering of pastries ranging from breads to cookies that will go extremely well with your coffee.

On the downside, the place doesn’t have a lot of space, so it’s hard to find a place to sit and relax. But they offer takeaway options, and coffee is served fast. So if you’re always on the move, best to get your coffee here.


Trendy, bare-bones, standing-room-only spot for artisanal coffee ground on-site, and small treats. Patricia Coffee Brewer (image source: @steffibalian instagram)

Higher Ground: 650 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Preserving old structures can often be a challenge, but the team behind Higher Ground stepped up to that challenge and converted a 19th-century power station to the spectacular coffee shop down Little Bourke Street that it is today.

Higher Ground offers a unique ambiance thanks to its high ceiling and centuries-old brick wall design, taking you away from the busy environment of modern-day Melbourne. Don’t come here just to grab a cup of coffee, because you wouldn’t want to leave once you enter; take the time to try their breakfast and lunch dishes as well.

If you’re here for coffee, you won’t be disappointed. Their menu offers a variety of coffee brews, from single-origin to batch brew and filter. They also offer a variety of alcoholic drinks and spirits, mostly available for their night menu (5pm until late).


Not quite a cafe, not quite a restaurant, we offer innovative fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, alongside specialty coffee and a wine list. (image source: highergroundmelbourne instagram)

Café 420: 420 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne

If you’re into more greens and leaves while taking your coffee, Café 420 is a good place to dine inside the inner suburbs.

Located close to St. Kilda road, this small but refreshing coffee shop serves aromatic coffee brews, lattes, and pastries good for a simple breakfast meal. If you decide to have breakfast here, you should try their toasties, it’s a customer-favorite. They also offer takeaway options for those people who are always on-the-go.

The Kettle Black: 50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne

If you’ve been around the “foodie” community in Melbourne, then chances are that you’ve heard of The Kettle Black. Started by the same team that made the popular Top Paddock café, The Black Kettle is living up to the hype and is generating its own buzz.

While the wait in The Kettle Black is often long, it’s worth it: the white interior — matched with windows extending from floor to ceiling and potted plants all over the place — can relax even the most stressed person. And with a wide selection of drinks and food, there’s no better place in the Melbourne CBD to relax and wind down after a long day.

Coffee in The Kettle Black ranges from plain black to single-origin/filtered. They also have milk, almond milk, and hot chocolate for those who prefer a smoother cup of caffeine. They also have a wide selection of wine and cocktails for those who wants to go for a little drink.

For food, they have a bustling menu, too: Chili Scrambled Eggs, Cape Grim Beef, Tataki Ocean Trout, the famous Hotcake with Ricotta, and other hearty meals.

Operator25: 25 Wills Street, CBD?

Last on this list takes us a little up north of the CBD. Located along Wills street, Operator25 offers a nice, urban ambiance with its brick wall design and backlit posters. When it comes to coffee, you can choose between long black or short black; they also have a delicious variety of white coffee and batch brew. If you want to try some interesting hot drinks, they have Peanutella – hot peanut butter and Nutella milk with peanutella bar.

They offer Breakfast and brunch meals too. BBQ Pork Benedict, Matcha Waffles, Indian Spiced Lamb, and Japanese Open Omelette are just some interesting dishes to try out in Operator25.

If you’re going here, the best time would be before the lunch time rush because it can get busy. But if you’re here for a grab-and-go, they offer takeaway options as well.

Next time you find yourself walking down Melbourne’s lively Commercial Business District and looking for a nice cup of coffee, check these places out and you’re sure to have a happy cup in hand.


Brunch cafe and coffee hangout in an early 1900s building that housed Melbourne’s first switchboard. (image source: operator25cafe instagram)

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